Taobao in English

How to buy from taobao in English

Dear engtaobao Clients,

In order to make sure your china shopping is more easy and convenient, engtaobao will introduce how to buy from Taobao in English with automatic translation web browser Google Chrome.

engtaobao strongly recommend you to use the Google Chrome web browser to browse Chinese websites.

1. When you are viewing Chinese shopping online websites such as Taobao, JingD, Paipai and so on, we strongly recommend you to use Google Chrome web browser. By using Chrome automatic translation, it will become so easy for you to translate the content into English.

2. When you have a choice, you can copy the URL into engtaobao and make a order. We will handle them within 6 hours. Every steps is fast than anyother agents. And also the service fee and shipping price is competitive!

You can get Chrome from: